Set DesignJames

Born and raised in North East Los Angeles, James finds inspiration within the city he grew up in. Using obscure objects and counterculture references, James is able to deliver a unique perspective when creating his work. 

Clients include - ERL, Brixton, AMIRI, Tankair, GUESS USA, Goop, HUF, Parade, PUMA, Adidas, Document Journal, Office Magazine, GQ, Interview Magazine,
HommeGirls, Net-A-Porter, Vogue Mexico 

Photographers - Eli Russell Linnetz, Carlota Guerro, Danielle Levitt, Camila Falquez, Olivia Malone, Hart Leshkina, 
Jack Bridgland, Erika Kamano, Daria Kobayashi Ritch, Zoe Ghertner