Founded by Adam Browne, Six Wolves is a full service casting studio.

 Six Wolves has a responsibility to help shape the perception of how we view the world. We cast faces from all communities, celebrating their unique beauty.Our casting team are experts with a passion for finding talent who are inclusive and relevant today.With an international perspective, our clientele reaches around the globe.VIP to us is diversity across the board for BIPOC and LGBTQ.

Casting capabilities include:

·       Models (Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Editorial)

·       Influencers & Celebrities

·       Real People & Specialty Talent

·       Kids

·       Union and Non-Union Actors

Clients include:  Haus Laboratories, Holiday, Gucci, Dior, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs Fragrance, 10 Magazine, Beauty Counter, Sephora, Uber, Nike, Samsung, American Eagle, SSAW, T Magazine, and Vogue titles worldwide.